Monday, March 14, 2011

Becoming the man I want to have in my life

Just watching Dr. Christian Northrup's most recent special on PBS this morning (instead of going to Pilates) and she said something that has seized my brain, and my heart. She said she realized sometime after turning 50 and getting divorced that she had to become the man she wanted to have in her life.

Damn, I think I want that too! I have to think about that for a bit today and then come back here and record what that means for me.

(I might need to get one of those Home Improvement bathtubs, " adjustable jets, three speeds - low, medium and who-needs-a-man...")

Okay, here's my list, so far:

Financially savvy and fiscally responsible and balanced
Very handy around the house
Supports my goals
Very smart and a deep thinker
Healthy and takes care of himself
Respects women
Good sense of humor
Genuinely self-confident
Real integrity
Has solid, long-term healthy relationships
Not overly self-indulgent
Good listener
Good conversationalist
Enjoys travel
Loves family and is an active participant in family life...but not to the point of melding with everyone
Loves to read a variety of books, from modern to the classics
Loves a broad range of music
Loves art and cultural pursuits
Emotionally available

Hmmm, I need to be all these things for myself.

I hear a question out there...if I do all these things for myself, then why would I need a man? Well, wouldn't a man equally want a woman who embodies all these characteristics? I want a solid companion with whom I can share a life!

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