Friday, April 1, 2011

My son made me breakfast in bed - no foolin'!

I'm staying home today, sick, or struggling to not let this cough and sinus thing I've been battle for over a week turn into bronchitis. Last night, I felt a big lump in my throat, my ears were plugged, I was wheezy and my face hurt. I think the fresh dose of pollen in the air exacerbated the problem. I stuffed myself with cayenne pepper capsules, cranberry pills and herbal cough syrup, sprayed my throat with colloidal silver and went to bed. This morning, still felt bad, but not quite as bad as last night.

And then Rhyan came in, felt my forehead to see if I was feverish, took the dog with him, and then later returned with a tray bearing hot Good Earth Original tea, scrambled egg whites cooked in olive oil on a piece of Julian Bakery Sourdough toast. (All my favorites!) And he told me to stay in bed and get well and he'd take care of me today.

To be honest, this is all new to me, so I was waiting for the April Fools joke. But it didn't happen! He scolded me for getting on the computer to do some work, but since I'm singing his praises, he's letting me stay on for a little bit longer.

Quinn is almost done with the Spring Cleaning in the kitchen. I think he's actually going to finish the job today! He even cleaned out the toaster!

April Fools Day 2011 totally blows away every Mother's Day I ever had!

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